Book Review: Arctic Drift, by Clive and Dirk Cussler

By Britt Hellman

Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels often focus on one or more current geopolitical events. The latest one, Arctic Drift, is no different, centering on a worldwide financial crisis in 2011, coupled with global warming woes.

The villain this time around is a Canadian billionaire named Mitchell Goyette who is publicly admired for his green industry empire. However, covertly he is heavily invested in the dirty oil and gas industries.

Meanwhile, the United States faces an unprecedented financial crisis, made worse by the international threat of a trade boycott if the country does not find a way to cut greenhouse gas emissions from coal burning power plants. Canada, with its vast resources of natural gas, may hold the key to saving its southern neighbor.

The American president in 2011, when the story takes place, plans to use natural gas from Canada to replace both coal and automobile gasoline, thereby killing two birds with one stone. The nation would make huge savings by cutting down on expensive oil imports, and simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions by burning a cleaner fuel.

However, Goyette is in a perfect position to take advantage of the United State's desperate gamble, and he does so without conscience. To the Canadian public, Goyette is an environmental hero who invests millions in wind power and carbon sequestration. Unbeknownst to the masses, he's unscrupulously involved in every dirty industry that will make him more money, in particular the oil sands of Athabasca, Alberta, and the Melville natural gas fields of the Canadian Arctic, over which he has full control.

With one hand, Goyette makes a deal with the U.S. government to supply nearly limitless amounts of natural gas at market price from the Melville fields to help solve the American energy crisis, and indirectly the financial crisis. But with his other hand, he secretly strikes a deal with the Chinese to instead sell them all of the gas from Melville at 10% above market prices, with no intention of honoring his agreement with the American government.

(In reality, it seems a little farfetched that the American government would not have had an iron-clad, legally binding, written contract in place for a deal of this magnitude and importance. But it makes for a good story.)

Even so, the backstabbing of the United States as a business-partner is the least of Mitchell Goyette's shenanigans. He also bribes high ranking Canadian officials, creates toxic waste that kills wildlife and people, pays to have property stolen or vandalized, and for his opposition to be assassinated.

What Goyette does not count on, of course, is Dirk Pitt, the hero of 20 Clive Cussler books, including this latest installment. In the end, good prevails over evil.

Arctic Drift is an excellent and seamless co-authorship between Clive Cussler and his son, Dirk Cussler. It is hard to tell the penmanship of one apart from the other throughout the book. Whatever sections Dirk Cussler wrote, he did an excellent job of adopting Clive's inimitable style. (That's an intentional oxymoron.)

The book is an excellent and thrilling read; perhaps not cover-to-cover on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement, as some of the older Dirk Pitt adventures. But the book makes up for it with a solid, steady and thoroughly enjoyable story that is brilliantly written, with thugs that are as sharp and capable as they are unscrupulous, and heroes as pure as Arctic ice. - 30328

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Christine Roy And Agent Illustrateur

By Kerisha Collins

Agent Illustrateur (Christine Roy) uses the techniques of Photography, Graphic Design and Conceptual Illustration. They pride themselves as being a worldwide company as they have clients all over the globe, being based in Montreal.

This company, Agent Illustrateur, was founded by Christine Roy in 2008. It is some of the best portfolio Illustration work I've seen this year. She works best when listening to tracks, while designing. Christine can also find humour to inspire her to work.

She likes to identify the Worst Of... in work to come to a really funny and/or terrible conclusion, which helps her change her perspective of the work she creates.

The work that is displayed by Christine and Agent Illustrateur, is of an advanced ability. The art design piece done for the front cover of the L'organe Magazine, has works from Photoshop and Illustrator within it. It has a strict colour tone-only limited to basic black, pink and purple, which helps identify what it's about without clashing with words on it.

Christine and Agent Illustrateur's have worked with clients, such as; Vega Music, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Auto Crdit, Scoop Agency, Lise Watier Institut, Magazine LOrgane, The Baie, Opak Media & More...

She will continue working hard with her clients and within the Agent Illustrateur company. Keep up with Christine and Agent Illustrateur on the PNW web site, if you are interested in her insight to working within these design fields.

One of the strengths of her work is her ability to illustrate, photograph and design work of an exceptionally high standard. This is something that many artists find difficult, especially in an industry where artists typically specialise in a particular niche. This enables her to work for editorial companies, magazines, web companies, print & design agencies across the world. Her multilingual ability also enables her to interact with many international clients. If you are interested in learning more about Christine, please do not hesitate to contact her via the PNW site, or if you are looking for a freelancers who covers all major disciplines, please get in touch. - 30328

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Win Cash And Prizes With Canadian Paid Survey Panels!

By Casey Wigwire

If you are like most people, you have researched the possibility of making a few extra dollars online. Perhaps even a full income to help support your family. Upon doing so you have likely come across paid surveys, the most common method to learn. They are not a new concept to the internet savvy person by any stretch. They have been around for quite awhile. A paid survey is the first income opportunity everyone comes to know. This article is for the individual new to the internet and new to online paid surveys. This is your best chance to become profitable if you desire such an opportunity.

I have a simple objective. Teach you the online paid survey process. What works and what doesn't. I will use my own past experience to direct common questions to easy answers. Everything you are about to encounter has been worked through before. Save yourself much needed time and learn the right way to get paid for online surveys.

What is a survey exactly?

Online surveys are like normal surveys. They are a list of preset questions designed around a product, service or a group of people. The only difference is that it is done entirely online. This saves time and resources hiring people to handle the paperwork, equipment and marketing. They deal with day to day questions anyone with an opinion can answer. Since you are the consumer companies are selling to, your answers are vital to the structuring of their very business. It can be anything from the very cost of the product or service, to the taste of it or the look of it. Often you will compare the product or service to the competition and be asked where your preference lies. Or how often you may use or purchase the product and or service. All of which gathers vital data that the companies can use to better serve their customers.

Which benefits does a company have from collecting answers from surveys?

Online surveys are a reliable and cost effective way for companies to manage their business. It is all about saving money, in the short term and in the long term. Imagine knowing in advance the new hamburger you are about to launch is not received well. A simple ingredient change makes the difference and you have a hot seller. The time and money wasted learning the dislike could have ruined you as a company. Instead you chart the right course and make the adjustments consumers come to love.

What are some companies willing to pay me to answer such surveys?

Since companies don't want to lose money on wrongful marketing campaigns, a respectable fee is offered based on the length of a survey. This of course makes all of the difference. Most people love to give their opinion on anything, for nothing at all. A little financial incentive ensures the company they are getting an honest answer from you. You take the time to give the best critique you can. You will care that much more. This is the best way to guarantee nobody is wasting precious time. You can expect a range of fees offered. Some a few dollars, others even more. So what you do is combine the efforts of many surveys to give you a monthly income that can make the difference. This is of course an ideal employment option for single mothers and fathers that need the flexibility to run their household. It can be perfect for anybody really, even you.

How can I get started and when will I see the money?

You can see the money almost immediately. Simply go to online survey sites and register your profile. Your profile will determine how many you will be solicited for, and when you get to work. It all depends on what the company actually needs. A specific target is often at the heart of their research. No worries, there are many online survey sites to cater to all profile types. Sign up for numerous sites and you won't be disappointed.

What is my earning potential again?

Your earnings will depend on the time you put in. Once again diversify with the companies to have the best balance. The actual survey itself will range from $3 to even $50, depending on the nature of the survey and what they require. It is most crucial though to answer the surveys quickly. If you don't, someone else will. You can become somewhat of a favorite if your responses and completed surveys exceed all the rest. Be honest from the get go and you will be rewarded. Picture how much you would like to earn and then put in the time to make it happen. Check your inbox and don't miss any opportunities. In a nutshell, it is all up to you.

How will the money get to me?

The different sites have different ways to do this. Some of the most common procedures are as follows;

Payment directly to your credit card. Payment by standard cheque. Payment through a site known as Paypal, the safest and fastest way to send money online. (An account is fast and easy to register.)

Are there money hungry scams out there?

As with most other online stuff, it is better to watch and be careful to whom you are disclosing your data. Unfortunately there are many more fake sites than the genuine ones and no wonder that you come across the fake ones in the first page of your search engine. If you take this seriously and treat it as a genuine income opportunity, it is mandatory to read the contracts, terms and conditions related to those sites.

This will give you a fairly clear idea of how they operate or at least how you might lose your money! Serious paid survey companies will have their contact numbers and address displayed in their website. If this information is lacking you should think twice before investing.

I will recommend that you check out what other people are saying about the companies you consider to join. You can go to appropriate discussion forums and other media and publications which can give you an idea about that company. you can also do a search with the company or website name plus "review" or "testimonial". This will enable you to stay away from the scams and focus on serious paid survey companies. - 30328

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